Guy Accidentally Gives Waiter The Hang Loose Sign

Guy accidentally gives his waiter the hang loose sign, after not realizing that the guy doesn't have hands.

Mom Refuses To Pay Babysitter, Claims Free Ice Cream Counts As Payment

Mom refuses to pay a babysitter, because she claims that free ice cream and a day of fun count as payment.

Just Today?

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Fancy Hotel

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Completely Different Things

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A Dog With a Huge Heart Notices Bird Trapped On The Porch And Steps In For Help

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of dogs is definitely friendliness and loyalty. Not only they are compassionate towards their owners and those of their kind, but dogs very often empathize with other animals too. Take for example this dog, Gus, who is one of those canines that has a huge heart and loves doing good. Recently, one of his acts of kindness was caught on a video and shared on YouTube. Needless to say, he became a real sensation. Namely, Gus was outside having some fun when he noticed a little bird trapped on the porch. The gentle giant felt sorry for the powerless bird so he decided to step in. He approached closer and took it to safety.  Submitted by: (via Jennifer Ahlberg) Tagged: dogs , birds , dog video , animal video Share on Facebook

Cat Window Perch Is A Really Great Cat Tree Alternative

amazon cat window perch

Spreading Cat Knowledge With 17 Fascinating Facts

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Snakes With Arms Drawn On Make The World A Better Place

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When "Spider- Sheep" Climb And Defy Laws Of Physics

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