Twitter Thread About A Personal Trainer Who Posed As A Doctor For Years And Scammed Millions

Reporter shares crazy Twitter thread about how personal trainer posed as a doctor for years, and scammed millions in the process.

27 Not Fun Facts That Are As Intriguing as they Are Scary And Disappointing

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Tumblr Thread About "Doing Good Recklessly" To Help People In Need

tumblr thread about doing good and helping people

A Wise Koala

old photograph of a koala eating with a spoon

Life Goals

birds literally just eat travel and shit on things they don't like

Bears Appreciate Beauty

bears in the wild sitting down and enjoying the view

My Dog

comparison between stray dog and spoiled house dog

Researchers Strapped Video Cameras on 16 Cats And Provided a Rare Glimpse Into Their Interactions

Curious about what her cat, Treacle, was doing when she brought home a bird bigger than herself, Dr. Maren Huck, an ecologist at the University of Derby, decided to strap tiny little cameras onto 16 neighborhood cats and followed them around for four years. Huck and animal behaviorist, Samantha Watson, found out some very interesting things about how cats act outside the presence of humans, particularly about their sociability and activity levels. Submitted by: (via Science Magazine) Tagged: interactions , cameras , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook

These Important Infographics Will Help You Take a Better Care Of Our Furry Friends During This Heatwave

pets safety tips

14 Cat Tattoos That Left A Large Paw Print On Our Hearts

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