Are You Ready For Some Goat Parkour?

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26 Images Of Animals In Shelters That Will Win Your Hearts Over

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Gotta stay up late for the sale!

Quentin Tarantino’s (Fan Made) Reaction To Ben Affleck’s Golden Globe Is The Real Winner

Alright, alright, it’s fan made. But Quentin Tarantino spitting out the wine combined with the fact that Ben Affleck took home the Golden Globe, is TOO GOOD.  Submitted by: (via cinero75) Tagged: movies , ben affleck , ridiculous , reaction , quentin tarantino , funny , Video Share on Facebook

32 Times Online Trolling Legend Ken M Created Comedy Gold In The Comments

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19 Interesting Facts to Make You Feel Smarter for a Second

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Woman Gets Ironic Revenge on Poet Ex by Publishing More Successful Poetry

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Two Lynx Have The Most Intense Conversation Of The Year

And what the hell have you talked about today? These lynx have some serious business to discuss.  Submitted by: (via smittycocopuff) Tagged: nature , gifs , fail gif , ridiculous , lynx , funny , animals Share on Facebook

Incredibly Lucky Dude Survives Insane Crash with Just Scratches

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Heroic Old Man Calls Out Rude Seattle City Council Members For Being Jerks

The hostility is STRONG with these ones. Thankfully, a heroic old dude by the name of, Richard Schwartz, called out the rude Seattle City Council members. Job well done, sir.  Submitted by: (via JRDK 13) Tagged: seattle , FAIL , Video Share on Facebook