I never understood this show…

I’m running out of places where I can dumb.

Guy Sends Brutally Honest And Educational Response To Facebook Friend In Pyramid Scheme

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Charismatic YouTuber Makes Sweet Love To Excel With Wicked Skills

This is FAR more entertaining than it has any right to be. Submitted by: (via Excel On Fire) Tagged: youtuber , microsoft , Video , excel Share on Facebook

Hacker Breaks Into Online Second Life Club And The Members Get Absolutely Enraged

“Is there a problem?” Yes, yes, there is my dude. That virtually greasy leather-clad crew of real life angsty neckbeards do NOT want you in their prized lair.  Submitted by: (via DNSL) Tagged: hacking , rage , ridiculous , video games , reaction , second life Share on Facebook

24 Mind-Stretching Pics of Skewed Perspective

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MLM Beauty Product Schemer Gets Educated By Helpful Friend’s Facebook Messages

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26 Enraged People Share The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Had Stolen From Their Roommates

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Angry Homeless Person Calls Out Salvation Army For Cruel Treatment In Emotional Twitter Thread

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18 Waiters And Waitresses Reveal The Dead Giveaways They’re Serving A First Date

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