Rare Human Syndrome May Explain Dog’s Friendliness According to a New Research

new research explains why dogs are so friendly

The 10 Best Replies To "Last Texts That Will Describe Your Cat"

a funny cat meme that says for the person to open the door already - cover for the list of funny cat memes

New “Pokemon Go” Game Based on The Movements of Real Animals

new start up tracks animal movements

Hmm. Who should I bump off next?

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The Awesome Biking Adventure of Didga The Cat

Join Didga and and her owner on a beautiful bike ride around their beach town of Coolangatta, Australia. This isn’t just a boring “cat in a basket” bike ride… This is Didga and she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “boring”.    Submitted by: (via The Catmantoo) Tagged: cat , biking , trip , Video Share on Facebook

Cats Have Clearly Had Enough Of Their Owners Antics (16 Funny Photos)

A cat that seems to have clearly had enough of their owners behavior - cover for a list of cats who are going crazy

What Does Catnip Do? Getting High With Smoothie The Cat

Catnip- what does it do exactly? Are cats really getting high because of it? And why are some cats completely into it and others aren’t? Enjoy a catnip party with Smoothie & Milkshake, and see how they’ll react to it.  Did you know that only about 50 % of cats respond to catnip? And they all react in different ways: some cats are getting more mellow, others go hunting & some cats will just roll over the floor (like Smoothie does in this video). Usually the response will last 5 to 10 minutes, after which the cat becomes temporarily immune to catnip’s effects for roughly 30 minutes. The chemical that gives the reaction is called “nepetalactone”. Catnip is considered to be non-addictive and completely harmless to cats, so don’t worry, it’s not dangerous! Catnip plants are popular in herb gardens and grows widely as a weed. Submitted by: (via Smoothie the cat on youtube) Tagged: catnip , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

8 Hours of Sheep in Slow Motion is Probably The Most Boring Movie Ever

the most boring movie featuring 8 hours of sheep only

15 Hilarious Comics That Absolutely Nail What It’s Like to Live With a Cat

comics showing how it's like living with a nasty cat

Ist’s Thipdworld Enginsh!