29 People Reveal Their School’s Biggest Faculty Secrets

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Guy On Live PD Passes Every Test, Gets Arrested For Being Weird

“No one is saying you cant eat a banana in public, but at some point you need to take a bite…” Submitted by: (via Jared Sopok) Tagged: sketchy , cops , criminal , live pd , ridiculous , Video , police Share on Facebook

Viral Footage Of Window Washers Swinging Crazily From An Oklahoma Skyscraper

TAC 8: This was the scene moments ago. The basket is now secured and firefighters are working to get the two window washers out of the basket. Injuries unknown at this point. BF pic.twitter.com/exeFsXCkuV— Oklahoma City Fire (@OKCFD) May 15, 2019 This footage will give you a panic attack! Two window washers were trapped for nearly an hour, as they swung from the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. Firefighters managed to secure the basket and get the two contractors down safely, where they refused medical services. Can you imagine what was going through their heads?! Submitted by: (via @OKCFD) Tagged: crazy , scary , twitter , news , Terrifying , window washer Share on Facebook

Server Accidentally Serves $4500 Bottle, Restaurant Is Actually Cool About It

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31 Completely Stupid Reasons Customers Got Irrationally Angry

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20 Triggerworthy Marriage Tweets That Hit Close To Home

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10+ Times Management Got Mad And Left Angry Notices

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The Voice of SpongeBob Was Inspired by an Angry Christmas Elf

Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob) explains that the inspiration for his character came about about after he overheard a frustrated little person in an elf costume venting over their career prospects. Wild times. Who knew the voice that so many children grew to love and so many parents grew to tolerate had such strange origins. Submitted by: (via Adam Jammer) Tagged: christmas , voice , elf , interesting , SpongeBob SquarePants , tom kenny , little person , voice actors Share on Facebook

Same time. Same place.

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This joke’s for the birds

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