The Hilarious Guide To Giving Your Cat Medicine

a funny comic kind of picture that has a cat wrapped in a purrito - cover for a funny step by step guide to giving your cat its medicine.

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Girl Catches Her Dad Cheating On Her Mom By Baiting Him With An Underage Girl

The headline alone was wrapped up in all manners of ridiculousness. These never fail to keep us vaguely entertained, and entirely uncomfortable. Real question is, how many (if not all of these) are scripted? Submitted by: (via To Catch a Cheater) Tagged: FAIL , cringe , Awkward , parenting , cheating , Video Share on Facebook

When You Stick That Landing Too Hard

Submitted by: (via Danielk06) Tagged: ouch , painful , fail gif , ridiculous Share on Facebook

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Sprint Is Brutally Trolling Verizon With a Fake Pop-Up Shop

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