Terrible Woman Caught On Camera Stealing Money From Uber Driver’s Tip Jar

Can’t get over that immoral gleam of pure crazy greed in this young woman’s eyes when she reaches for the Uber driver’s tip jar. Unreal.  Submitted by: (via MB TV) Tagged: crazy , terrible , instant karma , FAIL , uber , driving , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

31 Amazing Grandparents Who Are Killing It

Amazing Grandparents Who Are Killing It

Do You?

Cheezburger Image 9092736000


Cheezburger Image 9092736256

Picnic Basket Inspection

Cheezburger Image 9092735488

That’s Not Me!

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Soooo Cute!

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Artist Paints Animals Into Vintage Photos and the Result is Whimsical

animals inserted into vintage photos

Watching These Adorable Hedgehogs Swimming Will Make Your Day

hedgehogs swimming pic.twitter.com/X7SP8h6lkY— Animals (@AnimaIposts) November 6, 2017 Awww! Submitted by: (via Animals on twitter) Tagged: swimming , hedgehogs , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Cat Graffiti Is a Thing And Here Are Some Cool Examples From Around The World

cat graffiti around the world