17 "Feeling Cute" Animal Selfie Memes That Have Been Bestowed Upon The Public

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Top 25 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #89

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Oh, there’s my tooth!

A Glorious High Five Fail For National High Five Day

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Angry Twitter Users Call Out Dad Who Says Having A Son Is His Biggest Regret

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Boastful Texas Police Get Roasted For Bragging About Underwhelming Drug Bust

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Insane House Backdraft Caught On Video

Your stomach when you eat that sketchy sushi.  Submitted by: (via The Daily Share) Tagged: crazy , risky , backdraft , fire , dangerous , Video Share on Facebook

19 Twitter Users Share Their Worst And Most Hilarious Concert Fails

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Man Caught Carrying Gasoline And Lighter Fluid Into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A man’s been taken into custody after attempting to enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. He was carrying gasoline and lighter fluid. This development comes just two days after the Notre Dame Cathedral was destroyed by flames in Paris. And on that note, we just ran a post about Notre Dame Cathedral’s messy renovations past here. Submitted by: (via CBS This Morning) Tagged: sketch , fire , crime , church , Video Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Offer Their Skillsets in the Form of NFL Scouting Reports

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