‘What Is That Strangest looking bird’?

'Strangest looking bird I ever did see, can it fly?''Um… nope, no it can't' pic.twitter.com/q7gyqXpozW— HUMOROUS ANIMALS (@CUTEFUNNYANIMAL) February 19, 2018 Submitted by: (via Humorous Animals) Share on Facebook

Smart Squirrel

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‘Wait Mom…"

'Wait mom, it's a tough stare-down but I got this ' pic.twitter.com/PKfSfg3JDy— HUMOROUS ANIMALS (@CUTEFUNNYANIMAL) February 20, 2018 Submitted by: (via Humorous animals) Share on Facebook

So True

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Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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Cat Hilariously Fails Trying To Catch A Bird

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18 Relatable Comics About Kids And Their Family Dog / Cat

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10 Cringe Worthy Yet Hilarious Spider Memes

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One Last Call

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Can’t Do It Anymore

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