Feline Elf

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What Do You Have To Say Now?

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Toldja Not to Throw Out My Boxes

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This Is What Happens When You Don’t Vacuum Your Couch For Three Days

The combination of a black couch & two longhair cats, of which one is silver, is a real task. What’ll happen if we don’t vacuum clean this couch for three complete days? Watch & shiver in HD! Submitted by: (via Smoothie The Cat) Tagged: hair , couch , challenge , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Heroic Man Saves Puppy From Drowning

Man Saves Drowning Puppy's LifeThis guy's quick thinking saved a tiny puppy's life! What a hero ❤️ ViralHogPosted by UNILAD on Saturday, December 9, 2017 A guy’s quick thinking and determination ended up saving this puppy’s life. We forget, but not all hero’s ware capes! Submitted by: (via Viral Hog) Tagged: dogs , puppy , superheroes , Video Share on Facebook

Only Two Weeks Left To Get Christmas Gifts And It’s Topi The Corgi’s Time To Panic

Christmas Panic!  Submitted by: (via Topi The Corgi) Tagged: christmas , gifts , shopping , panic , Video Share on Facebook

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