This Guy’s Getting Roasted Like Crazy For His Ridiculous Outfit Selfie

This guy's getting trolled like crazy on the internet for his ridiculous Internet selfie.

Getting Ready For The Winter

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3 out of 4 itteh bitteh kittehs can’t believe you won’t open the gushie fud now the other one lets you know how he really feels

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Dating a Cat Lady

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Dad takes over

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The In And Out Cat

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These Kittens Look Like They Are Enjoying The Ride

Is their anything cuter than kittens on a robot vacuum? Oh, wait until the end!  Submitted by: (via CatKittenUSA) Tagged: kitten , cute , Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

You Can Send This Company Fur Of Your Pet And They Will Turn It Into a Watch

watches made of your pet's fur

Squeaky Baby Sloths Having Fun Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Bright And Amazingly Beautiful Sea Slugs

a cool list of sea slugs