Hidden Camera Footage Of Mormon Temple Ritual

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  Submitted by: (via NewNameNoah) Tagged: wtf , religion , mormons , ritual , church , weird Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Share Times They Forgot Words And Had To Make Them Up

Twitter users share times that they forgot words and had to make them up.

Girl Trolls Scientologists With Photoshop

Girl trolls scientologists with the help of her photoshop skills.

Features That Would Go In A Startled House, like a Haunted House But Not As Bad

Askreddit answers to what would go in a startled house, like a haunted house but just for startling people.

The Worst Defenses People Have Made In Court

A collection of the worst defenses people have seen made in the court of law.

Ominous Signs That Are Too Good At Being Spooky

Warning signs that are very scary

Not All Squirrels Go To Heaven

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Mr. Mac Is Quite Naughty

funny animals - 9375559680

Working Dogs

dog memes - 9375559424

YouTuber Turns House Into Ultimate Cat Playground

Meet Simon, a popular YouTuber with 4.7 million subscribers! Simon is also the one who decided to turn his home into a cat playland! And nothing brings us more joy than seeing how much people care for their beloved furbabies!  Submitted by: (via Unspeakable) Tagged: youtube , awesome , playground , playland , Cats , Video Share on Facebook