When The Nip Kicks In

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Classic Art

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Butts Of The Animal Kingdom

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Cat Judgment Box

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This Bionic Farm Fits Injured Animals With Prosthetics

Jenny Brown lost her leg and says her prosthesis helped her live a more normal life. Now, she helps fit new limbs on animals at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York. Watch her amazing story. Via: Great big story Submitted by: (via Great big story) Share on Facebook

When You Leave Your Cat With a Cool Cat Sitter

Aaron leaves Michael with Zach for a *magical* weekend. Submitted by: (via Aaron’s Animals) Tagged: catsitter , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

7 Hilarious Times Cats Were Trying To Fight Humidifiers

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Famous Photographer Describes His Experience With A Lion

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Here Are 15 Of The Cutest Hedgehogs We Could Find

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Guy Experiences Ultimate Pain With Self-Inflicted Double Nutshot

It’s astounding the lengths people will go to for the extra views. Hope this guy’s on his way to a speedy recovery. Follow more of their crazy antics over here! Submitted by: (via P.O.R Stunts) Tagged: FAIL , cringe , painful , Video Share on Facebook