The Laziest Doorman Ever

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I Don’t Think So…

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When Two Majestic Penguins Are Taking a Selfie

When Australian Antarctic expeditioner, Eddie Gault, left his camera on, two curious penguins decided to seize the opportunity for a selfie that offers us all a delightful Bird’s eye view.   Submitted by: (via AusAntarctic) Tagged: australia , penguins , camera , selfie , Video Share on Facebook

What If Cats Could Control Our Mind?

In the latest edition of “Aaron’s Animals,” the feline housemates, Prince Michael and Phil, come up with a devious plan to make all their wishes come true. Submitted by: (via Aarons Animals) Tagged: helmet , mind , control , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

These Memes Prove That Animals Are Addicted To Sephora Just Like All Of Us

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What If Goats Were In The Army

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7 Times Animals Were Arrested For Their Criminal Acts

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Good Boy Doggo Drops The First Ceremonial Puck at Hockey Game

Adorable dog drops the first puck at hockey game

Thank your is never enough.


Gecko Shaming

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