These Brilliant Comics Tell Us All About The Funny Life Of The Underwater Creatures

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12 Fierce Female Animals That Show Everyone Who Really Rules The World

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We understand how hard it’s been…


Fresh? It’s still warm.


Guy Trolls Ignorant Moron’s Facebook Statuses Endlessly

Guy trolls an ignorant guy's social media statuses endlessly, and the results are hilarious.

15 Times Mark Hamill Left Hilariously Creative Autographs On Star Wars Cards

15 times Mark Hamill left funny autographs on Star Wars cards.

People Try To Name Any Country And National Embarrassment Ensues

ANY country at all….please!  Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live) Tagged: jimmy kimmel , embarrassing , cringe , ridiculous , geography , Video Share on Facebook

7 Unbelievably Despicable Hotels That’ll Deepen Your Love For Home

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Internet Hilariously Photoshops What Sleeping Boyfriend Misses On His Road Trip

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Racist Old Lady Harasses Kid for Selling Candy Without a Business Permit, Good Samaritan Buys All The Candy

Outside of a Target in Rowland Heights, California, an elderly woman harassed a kid for selling candy without having a permit. After a crowd formed, a man appeared to tell the woman to buzz off and when she resisted, he decided that he was going to buy all of the kid’s candy to get her to shut up, and to get the kid out of there. The total came to around $80.  Submitted by: (via Viralhog) Share on Facebook