Groom’s Mom Crashes Wedding In A Wedding Dress (33 Tweets)

mother in law wears white dress to son's wedding

Graphic Novel Artist Puts Antagonistic Moron In Their Place For Not Fact Checking

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Guy Calls Out Sexist Boss For Slut Shaming His Co-Worker’s LinkedIn Photo

boss acts sexist after seeing picture on linkdin

Probably The Best Picture We Have Seen Lately

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The First Thing I Would Do

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Watch This Newborn Baby Elephant Take Her Very First Steps!

Born at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium, the adorable baby Asian elephant can be seen wobbling and trying to get her footing as she tries to stand just moments after being born! Rob Conachie, Elephant manager, says the zoo feels “very lucky”.The baby is an Indian elephant which has been listed as endangered since 1986. She has yet to be named. Submitted by: (via AFP news agency / Pairi Daiza Zoo) Tagged: aww , baby , youtube , elephant , zoo , first steps , newborn Share on Facebook

Man Creates ‘Wheelchair’ For Disabled Goldfish Because All Living Creatures Deserve A Chance

goldfish disabled wheelchair story

Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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Shelters Are Dressing Up Animals As Aliens To Help Adoption Sales And Our Hearts Have Never Been Fuller

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