Animal Tweets That Made Us Laugh This Week (November 17, 2019)

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Creepy ‘Cat Filter’ Is Only Good For Cat Reactions

These cat reactions to seeing their owners ‘cat filtered’ faces are just way too cute! The new filter is available on the app known as TikTok, a recently launched app that has boomed in popularity. The filter turns your face into that of a cat, which may sound cute but honestly looks quite terrifying to us. Personally. The real cats, however, are simply the cutest and we can look at their expressions and reactions all day! What do you think of this new ‘cat filter’ trend? Keep the good times rolling with 200 of the best cat memes of the decade!  Submitted by: (via South China Morning Post) Tagged: cat , youtube , reactions , Cats , funny , Video , filter , tiktok Share on Facebook

Dumbfounding Moments Of Pure Stupid Facepalm

A collection of very dumb facepalm moments from true morons.

This Cutie Definitely Deserves Some Treats

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Cat Training

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I Was Making a Joke…

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Simon’s Cat ‘Kitten VS Birds’ Animated Short

New animated short by the talented team behind ‘Simon’s Cat’ called ‘Kitten VS Birds’!In this short, we see what happens when a curious, and aww-dorably innocent kitten meets some new ‘friends’.Get ready for some much needed mood boost! And speaking of kittens, did you notice there are literally 200 cat memes waiting for your vote? If not, now you know! Submitted by: (via Simon’s Cat) Tagged: shorts , youtube , kitten , animated , simons-cat , Cats , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook

The Awww Factor: a Dog High Jump Competition In Australia

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Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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Llamas Are Becoming Popular As Therapy Animals

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