I love

funny pictures - I love photographers.  They come with toothpicks.

Yu has teh sads?

funny pictures - Yu has teh sads?

Meowy Christmas Kitteh of teh Day: Sleepin So Santa Kin Come

Funny Pictures - Christmas Cats

hoomin, gud news!

funny pictures - hoomin, gud news! u can cancel my vet appointment. dey froze off, awl  by demselves.

I got it!

funny pictures - I got it!

Deer Santah (Brought to you by MyMontage.com!)

Funny Pictures - Deer Santah

Finally, a Holiday Card for Cat People!

Funny Pictures - Christmas Cards for Cats

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Daily Squee

Indiana Claws

funny pictures - Indiana Claws  and The Sofa of Doom

Goggies R Our Friends: Santa Buddies

Funny Pictures - Goggies R Our Friends