Guy Delivers Brutal Justice to Extremely Racist Sorority Girl By Exposing Her Instagram Account

Guy Takes Down Racist Girl By Exposing Her Instagram Account

Crazy Drunk Girl Attacks Lyft Driver, Tries To Flee Scene

Why do booze-blinded morons out there seem hellbent on troubling the hard working Lyft drivers of the world, with their degenerative, borderline psychotic antics. Submitted by: (via Mich Elle) Tagged: crazy , drinking , wtf , lyft , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Woman Gets Put in Her Place When She Accuses James Franco of Sexual Abuse After She Signs Contract For Nude Role

twitter me too misconduct James Franco - 4556037

Insanely Drunk Chick Harasses Guy at Pool, Freaks Out and Drinks Pool Water

Holy sh*t this chick is legendary levels of wasted.  Submitted by: (via Jason RamsFan) Tagged: go home you're drunk , crazy , drunk , too drunk , freakout Share on Facebook

Guy’s Humiliating Story About What A Poop Knife Is Leaves Internet In Tears

Guy's embarrassing story about what a poop knife is will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

Guy Asks What The Movie It Is About And Gets Trolled Hard

Guy goes full rage mode after getting trolled by other dude who won't explain IT to him correctly.

31 Women Share First Date Mistakes Men Make All Too Often

Women share the first date dealbreakers that men make all too often.

How NOT to Load A Car Using A Ramp

“I saw my cousin, my partner, and a friend trying to make a ramp from scaffolding bars to get a car onto the pickup. I knew it wasn’t going to work. The ending result was priceless.” Submitted by: (via viralhog) Tagged: FAIL , gifs , Video Share on Facebook

Please Just Tell Me

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Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart.

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