Don’t Touch My Dogritos!

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Look At This Cutie!

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No Free Time For You, Kitty

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If you touch your phone in the right places a hot pizza will arrive at your door!

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Here Is a Proof Why Cats Are The Best Home Security System Around

Apperantly, Cat Owners can feel Purrfectly safe in their homes as cats protect them from any unwanted intruders.  Submitted by: (via Cole nd Mermalade) Tagged: funny cats , intruders , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words

Chimpanzee baby and his mom

Comic Artist Imagines What’s Going On Inside Fish Heads

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There’s a New Corgis Cafe And The Photos Are More Adorable Than You’ve Probably Imagine

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All Hail King Arthur! King Of The Cardboard Throne!

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