Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week! (13 Images + 1 Video)

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Denmark Buys Last 4 Circus Elephants For 1.6 Million To Let Them Retire

Amazing! Copenhagen, Denmark, is buying the last 4 elephants in the country to give them the proper retirement they deserve! Denmark is spending 11 million kroner (or $1.6 million) to make this retirement happen!As a ban on wild animals in circuses is expected later this year, Food and Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen said there’s no immediate plans as to where they’re going to put the newly retired, but applicants are willing to take the gentle giants and provide them proper welfare. Until then, Animal Protection Denmark will be taking care of them.Benny Berdino, Circus Arena manager, said he was “sad to have to say goodbye” to its elephants, but mostly happy they would get a good retirement. Submitted by: (via MY9NJ) Tagged: denmark , elephant , elephants , circus , retirement , animals Share on Facebook

The 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Filled With Cute Animals

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USAF move in mysterious way.

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A series of low cost cosplay images that are hilariously terrible.

Groundhog Caught Grubbing On Garden Vegetables

Look at those eyes. Those eyes are the eyes of an emboldened, fearless groundhog who doesn’t give a flying f**k about your garden vegetables. Can’t stop, won’t stop.  Submitted by: (via Chunk The Groundhog) Tagged: cute , ridiculous , funny , Video , rodents , animals Share on Facebook

Cursed Images From Our Doomed Dystopian World

A collection of cursed images that are filled to the brim with weird and WTF.

High School Seniors Dress Up As Pop Culture Icons For Picture Day

School lets their seniors dress up as memes and pop culture icons for picture day.

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