10 Rambunctious Times People Went Full Crazy In Walmart

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Dude Accidentally Gets His Mom Crazy High, with Weirdly Uplifting Twist

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Angry Nigerian Google Reviews Are A Gift To The World

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25 Trashy Moments That Belong on the Garbage Pile

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Sounds Like A Good Reason To Us

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So Sweet!

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One Cat Vs. Three Huskies

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Prepare To Die

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Wing Shapes

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Goat Born With Paralyzed Forelegs Learns To Walk Upright And It’s Amazing

In this incredible short video by Newsfare, you see the goat that overcame its obstacles in a major way! The owner of this goat, Lokesh Mishra of Begusarai, Bihar, told Newsflare, “We had given up on her, but she showed her resilience and started trying to balance herself on the hind legs. In a few days, she suddenly started running around on her hind legs only.” When asked how the goat was born paralyzed, it was revealed that the mother goat may have been injured in the abdomen during her pregnancy. If this goat learning to walk on its hind legs doesn’t inspire you — we don’t know what will! Submitted by: (via Newsflare) Tagged: goat , upright , paralyzed , amazing , walking , hind legs Share on Facebook