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Guy Loses Fantasy Football League, Has to Recreate ESPN "The Body" Issue

Props to this guy for remaining a man of his word, in what should arguably be “ESPN’s Last Body” issue. God help us all.  Submitted by: (via PaulWalker MemorialCup) Tagged: bet , espn , sports , fantasy football , funny , Video Share on Facebook

10 Cringey Stories From Cringe Filled Moments That Are Totally Cringe-Inducing

Cringey Stories From Cringe Filled Moments That Are Totally Cringe Inducing

20 Cringe-Soaked Yahoo! Questions About Sex That’ll Crush Your Faith in Humanity

List of awkward Yahoo! questions about sex that'll make you give up on humanity because they're so dumb.

Guy Gets Suspended From College After He Savagely Grades His Ex’s Apology Letter

FAIL funny win - 2801157

14 Painful and Sobering Moments When Expectation Met Reality

expectations vs reality - 2800133

Delusional ‘Sugar Baby’ Makes Racist Remarks On Live Television and Gets Kicked Off Stage

She looks like she crapped her pants as she walked off.  Submitted by: (via bethenny) Tagged: racism , wtf , FAIL , cringe Share on Facebook

Bro Texts His Girlfriend He’s Going to Bar For a Drink, Hops On A Plane With Friends to Ibiza to Get Lit

Guy texts girlfriend that he's going to a bar for a drink and ends up hopping a plane to Ibiza with buddies to party like crazy.

Science Has Officially Gone Too Far

Funny product description of bean bag.