Photographer Captures Enchanted Photos Of Horses Living in Iceland And It Looks Like a Fairy Tale

white horse next to a waterfall

This Twitter Page Offers Funny Life Solutions Written By Smart Doggos

funny tweet by dog

…says the man with a bronze horse.

Supercut Of David Letterman Having A Hilariously Hard Time With Johnny Depp

Let’s get a round of applause for the dude who actually knows nothing! Johnny Depp clearly gives zero f**k’s.  Submitted by: (via JohnnyDeppSan) Tagged: ridiculous , Johnny Depp , supercut , Video , David Letterman Share on Facebook

Maintenance Guy Throws Out Fifteen Years Of Important Knowledge

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Dad’s Commandments In 10 Tweets

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That Glorious Time Sam The Cooking Guy Told Off Kathie Lee And Hoda

He sacrifices himself for the greater good! Why have a guest on your show if you’re just going to spend the whole time talking all over him.  Submitted by: (via Ripclawe) Tagged: Cooking Show , cooking , ridiculous , live tv , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Teen Goes Viral After Posting About Her Cheating Ex

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Guy Claims Women’s Soccer Players Don’t Deserve Equal Pay, Gets Destroyed On Twitter

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25 Unlucky Moments That Put the Breaks on People’s Good Times

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