Deer Crashes Wedding And Brings Newlyweds Pure Joy

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Car Partially Dismantled In Order To Rescue Stray Kitten

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Put it in your crapbook


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You’re Welcome

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Just a Few Friends

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Now I Get It

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Dolphin Jumps For Joy After Baby Is Freed From A Net (Video)

This poor baby dolphin got caught in a fisherman’s deadly net, around the Italian island of Procida, Naples, as the mother helplessly didn’t leave its side. Luckily,  the baby dolphin was freed by a kind fisherman, who happened to be there, and the mother celebrated her baby’s freedom by jumping for joy! It is physically impossible not to smile when she’s the mother’s reaction!  Submitted by: (via Mario Polizzi) Tagged: aww , freedom , Joy , baby , dolphins , mom , rescued , animals Share on Facebook

Social Criticism On The Way Humanity Treats Animals In 13 Haunting Illustrations

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Genius Things Every Cat Owner Needs From Amazon

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