Palmerston, The Diplocat Of The British Foreign Office, With Glamorous Tales From The Inside

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When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words

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12 Times Animals Had To Deal With The Special Assembling Skills Required By Ikea

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I’m a breast of that

19 Stupid and Literal Jokes That Are Technically Not Wrong

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Watching Evan Breen’s Hilarious Sketch Might Make You Live Longer From Laughing So Hard

Evan Breen, or LA Turtle, is a tremendously talented, wildly creative, homie. This guy’s ability to assemble a sketch with such inspired characters, plot twists, animated facial reactions, and weave it together with comedic madness, is a gift to the video content world. This particular video’s a throwback, and always a welcomed sight to come across. Your health definitely might benefit from laughing your ass off at this as often as you see fit.  Submitted by: (via LA Turtle) Tagged: creative , ridiculous , funny , Video , evan breen Share on Facebook

The Frustrating Struggle Is Ferociously Real In This Person’s Fail-Filled Day

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Feast Your Eyes On This Nostalgic Tour Of A Decadent Pizza Hut Buffet

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12 Twitter Users Tweet Out Telltale Signs That They’re Single

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Embarrassed Guy’s Carelessly Hilarious Fail On His First Day At Work, Goes Viral

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