Who Can Be Hatin??

A meme of a guinea pig in a small trolley with caption about 'they see me rolling, they hating'

Australia Mate

A funny meme of a car burning in Australian heat and kangaroos enjoying a pool

Stray Cat Interrupts News Reporter By Climbing On Her Shoulders

cat waits for the right moment to reveal himself on live TV

Service Dog Who Saved Student’s Life Makes It Into High School Yearbook

Black Labrador dog who saved student's life makes it into the yearbook.

It’s Red Nose Day!

An adorable golden labrador dressed in a red nose for red nose day a comic relief day to raise money for charity.

Police Officers In Australia Share Their Daily Work In A Series Of Hilarious Posts

20 hilarious posts shared by police officers in Australia are sweeping the internet - Dog calling police to report owner gone for a while 12 seconds.

Dog Turns Into A Peacock

funny meme of a very happy dog wagging his tail so hard he starts to look like a peacock

Throw Back Thursday Cat Memes

Vintage and Classic Cat Memes for Throw Back Thursday - Cover meme of cat eating the dog who is reacting with surprise and instructing you to feed the cat already.

Sounds like you just earned a paddling.



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