When Superheroes Are Dressed With Pink Kitty Costumes

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Watch How This Sea Lion Reacts When The Little Girl Falls

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If it takes, I’m done.


49 Crazy Things People Overheard On Police Scanners

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Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Roast Each Other For Deadpool 2 Movie

Josh Brolin stepped into the ring to take on the king of roasts, and you better believe Ryan Reynolds a.k.a. Deadpool was ready to deliver.  Submitted by: (via BBC Radio 1) Tagged: deadpool , banter , Josh Brolin , roast , ryan reynolds , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Internet Fiercely Divided Over What This Audio Clip’s Saying

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20 Precious Old People Facebook Fails That’ll Make You Say “Are you my grandson?”

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10 Times Expectations Got Chokeslammed by Reality

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13 Times People Responded To Flyers With Amazing Flyers Of Their Own

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11 Of The Most Cringeworthy Things Guys Have Done On Dates

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