22 Squirrels That Are So Animated You Would Think They Were Human

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6 Times Cats Interrupted Live TV Broadcasts And Became Instant Stars

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18 Toy Design Fails That Are Hilariously Awful

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Baby Elephant Getting Accustomed With Its Trunk

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Which One Will Escape First?

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Did You Know

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Puppy Love

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17 Rare-Colored Animals That Are Simply Gorgeous

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Squirrels Attempt Challenging Obstacle Course to Reach Nuts

In this amusing clip from the upcoming PBS nature documentary special, “A Squirrel’s Guide to Success,” clever squirrels put their intelligence and agility to the test when they must overcome a a tricky obstacle course to reach some tasty hazelnuts. Submitted by: (via Nature on PBS) Tagged: squirrel , obstacle course , Video , animal video , challenging Share on Facebook