5 Adorable Gifs of Baby Kangaroos

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The Heartbreaking Long Distance Love Story Of Two Cats

A cat in San Francisco uses the Internet to maintain his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Momoko, who lives in Japan.  Will this modern day romance last? Submitted by: (via Fresh Step) Tagged: long distance , romance , relationships , love , story , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

7 Top Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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This Guy Faked His Death To See How His Cat Will React

What would  your cat do if you suddenly died?  To find out, this guy faked his death in front of his cat, Sparta, to see how he reacts.  Needless to say, his reaction was priceless!  How would your pets react? Submitted by: (via The Mean Kitty) Tagged: Death , fake , reaction , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

10 Cats That Look Absolutely Adorable Scratching an Itch

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How to Tell if Your Bunny is Relaxed

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A shine is made!


10 GameStop Employees Share Their Most Ridiculous Customer Stories

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20 Hilarious Times Kids Laid Down Vicious Burns

Twenty vicious burns from little kids who probably didn't even realize how hot their burn was

Udder Chaos Ensues When Cow Escapes On College Campus

MOOve out the way, freshly liberated cow coming through!  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: ridiculous , Video , animals , cows Share on Facebook