Sweet Kitten Sucks His ‘Thumb’ And Heart Everywhere Are Exploding From The Overwhelming Cuteness

Meet the adorable little kitten who sucks his ‘thumb’ — Dobby! Or rather, the kitten equivalent of sucking your thumb! Just prepare yourself for the sweetest two minutes, and if you can, turn that sound up to hear that lovely purr that comes with that sweet kitten face!  Submitted by: (via MaxluvsMya) Tagged: youtube , kitten , cute , thumb , Video Share on Facebook

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Funny Escaped Cow Goes Back When Guy Yells At ‘Em

It’s not much more complicated than that. A cow is outside of a fence. A guy tells that cow to get back in there, and boy does it. This cow has got some major dog vibes going on. Submitted by: (via Gaingar) Tagged: cow , fence , lol , funny , Video , stupid , animals Share on Facebook

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